Alice´s Adventures in Wonderland EN


The book is signed by J. Švankmajer
In addition the present volume also contains poems which open and end each book, together with Carroll’s Christmas and Easter greetings in the form of letters to his child readers which accompanied some later editions. Alice finds herself in the mysterious wonderland, a marvelous place whose peculiar inhabitants generally behave in a highly irrational manner. These eccentric characters implicate Alice in various fantastic situations, but she remains unfazed throughout, invariably responding with impervious logic. Her child-like naiveté enables her to point out the absurdity of the world, and in doing so to illustrate the singularity and authenticity of the perception of a child. This is also the reason that the book has long been regarded as a literary classic that will never become outdated.
The present special complete edition of Carroll’s Alice contains both volumes – the first book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland as well as the second book, Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There.

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