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The book is signed by J. Švankmajer
The book Possibilities of dialogue / Between film and free creation will remain Švankmajer’s essential monograph for a long time, no one else has similar source material. It systematically and comprehensively captures the creative and life journey of a filmmaker, artist, experimenter, graphic designer, scenographer, poet and “warrior surrealist” and shows how the individual pages talk to each other, how cohesive and at the same time exclusive his world is. The chronologically conceived biographical study alternates with essays interpreting the characteristic attributes of Švankmajer’s work, presenting and commenting on his individual works, whether for film or theater. Elaborated, quoted and richly documented in pictures (there are 415 reproductions in the book) are his scenography, drawings, assemblages, films, objects, poems, a collection built on the principle of a kunstkomora, creative and fatal connection with Eva Švankmajerová; the authors also draw attention to numerous artistic and professional collaborations, defining meetings, influences, experiences, obsessions, ideas and civic attitudes that shape the author’s unique and distinctive imagination.
Essential Švankmajer’s monograph in the English language version.

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